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  The Artists
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2010 Glenna Hartmann Invitational Fine Art Exhibition and Sale
Artist List (as of 01/22/2010)

 John Comer
 "Morning Coastal Canyon"

 Michael Enriquez
 "Coches Prietos Cove, Santa Cruz Island"

 Camille Przewodek
 "Bank Bay Morning"

 Calvin Liang
 "Fishing Boats in Santa Barbara"


Whitney Brooks Abbott
Peter Adams
Jamee Aubrey
John Budicin
Marcia Burtt
Chris Chapman
Patricia Chidlaw
John Comer
John Cosby
William B. Dewey
Dennis Doheny
Michael Drury
Erika Edwards
Michael Enriquez
David Gallup
Rick Garcia
Karen Gruszka
Robin Hall
Anita Hampton
Whitney Brooks Hansen
Jeremy Harper
Tom Henderson
Jeff Horn
Ray Hunter
John Iwerks
Larry Iwerks
Hans Kegler
Mark Kerckhoff
Peggi Kroll-Roberts
Jean LeGassick
Calvin Liang
Manny Lopez
Eric Merrell
Laurel Mines
Clark Mitchell
William Mitchell
Charles Muench
Dan Pinkham
Jesse Powell
Scott Prior
Camille Przewodek
Ray Roberts
Rob Robinson
Ann Sanders
Rick Schloss
Frank Serrano
Randy Sexton
Skip Smith
Arturo Tello
Libby Tolley
Kevin Turcotte
Thomas Van Stein
Sarah Vedder
Ralph Waterhouse
Jim Wodark 



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