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  About Us
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Naturally Different

President & CEO: Luke Swetland
Board Chair: Bobbie Kinnear
Founded: 1916
Members: 5,500

The Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History inspires a thirst for discovery and a passion for the natural world.

Guiding Principles

1. Inspiring an Awe for Nature and a Thirst for Discovery
The Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History aims to spark curiosity and ignite a passion for nature. We strive to expand our understanding of the natural world, share the process of discovery, and communicate the interconnectedness of all species.

The spirit of discovery drives our research, exhibits, and educational programs. We encourage involvement by making science fun and accessible, inspiring our audiences to explore the vast mysteries of nature.

2. Promoting Sustainability
The Museum promotes the preservation of the Earth's natural systems as an urgent priority and fosters a sense of collective responsibility, necessary for maintaining biodiversity and for the well-being of our own species.

We embrace sustainability as a critical element in all we do. We recognize that society's long term success requires an understanding and respect for nature's limits, and we strive to lead by example, illuminating the connections between research, policy and personal responsibility.

3. Connecting Our Communities
The Museum is a community resource and a welcoming, accessible center for community engagement. We use the full range of the human experience to reach and connect people of all ages and backgrounds, transcending geographic, economic, and cultural boundaries.

We pursue a broad web of relationships and partnerships to facilitate communication and mutual understanding, leveraging our resources and technology to bring the Museum into the lives of the widest possible range of professional and community groups.



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