A Guide to the Insects of the Coal Oil Point Reserve

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Last updated 08/15/2005
  Insects of Coal Oil Point > Guide > Coleoptera - Beetles > Hydrophilidae

Hydrophilidae - Water scavenger beetles

Most adult water scavenger beetles are, unsurprisingly, aquatic scavengers. The Reserve's aquatic habitats include Devereux slough, which hosts a couple of salt-tolerant hydrophilids. There are also a few species found in the freshwater dune pond, as well as in the vernal pools in the appropriate season. But not all hydrophilids are aquatic. Probably the most common hydrophilid at Coal Oil Point is Cercyon fimbriatus, which lives in rotting wrack.

Hydrophilid Photos
(click to enlarge)

Berosus sp.

Enochrus hamiltoni

Enochrus californicus

Cymbiodyta sp.

Tropisternus sp.

Cercyon fimbriatus

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