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Entomology, the study of insects, is a growing focus of the Museum's collections and research program. Dr. Michael Caterino was recently hired into a newly endowed curator position and has invigorated entomological activities at the Museum.

Our entomology program is largely focused on regional biodiversity. Our collection is primarily regional in representation and a major focus of current research is to develop a comprehensive collection of local insects, as well as a database containing information on their local distributions and activity patterns. The insect fauna of the Santa Barbara region, as true for California in general, is rich and surprisingly poorly known. Collecting by curator of entomology Dr. Michael Caterino and students has already turned up numerous species of insects not previously known from our area.

We are interested in promoting appreciation and understanding of local insects and are always available for public inquiries. Identifications may take a few days, and are not always possible, but if a good specimen or high quality photograph can be provided, we can usually offer some information.

Please explore the links at left relating to entomology research at the museum.

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