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Funded in part by award DEB0447694 from the National Science Foundation to M. Caterino.

Last updated 01/16/2009

  California Beetle Project > Species Pages > Agyrtes longulus


Scientific name: Agyrtes longulus (LeConte)
    Order Coleoptera
    Superfamily Staphylinoidea
    Family Agrytidae

Images (click to enlarge)

What it looks like: 5-7 mm in length. Its body is elongate and dark reddish-brown. The elytra have striae (shallow punctures formed in rows) and there are distinct depressions right behind the shoulders. The head points directly downward.

Where you'll find it: They can be found in coastal regions from the Alaskan panhandle down to southern California.

Natural History: These beetles are active in the winter months and well-adapted for cold. They can be found near snow or in other moist environments, such as high mountain creeks. They're sometimes found under the bark of dead trees, including oak, Engelmann spruce, and western larch.

This page was written by Maren Farnum, a 2005 California Beetle Project intern.

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