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Funded in part by award DEB0447694 from the National Science Foundation to M. Caterino.

Last updated 01/16/2009

  California Beetle Project > Species Pages > Aulonium longum


Scientific name: Aulonium longum LeConte
    Order Coleoptera
    Superfamily Tenebrionoidea
    Family Zopheridae

Images (click to enlarge)

What it looks like: 4.2-5.5 mm in length. Its body is dark reddish-brown, somewhat flattened, and very elongated. The pronotum is grooved, and the elytra have very fine striae, or shallow punctures, arranged in rows that run their length. The antennae are clubbed at the end.

Where you'll find it: This species is widespread throughout western North America. It can be found from southern California to British Columbia and as far east as South Dakota.

Natural History: These beetles live under dead pine bark, where they prey on other wood-feeding beetles. They are particularly abundant on ponderosa pines. They are the only common western species of the genus Aulonium.

This page was written by Maren Farnum, a 2005 California Beetle Project intern.

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