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Santa Barbara Field Guides - Butterflies

     Hesperia lindseyi
     Lindsey's Skipper

male upperside
male underside
female upperside
female underside

Size: wingspread 1-1.75 in.
Recognition: Fairly light orange-brown above, male with forewing stigma; underside lighter, with white apical spots on FW, irregular arcs of white spots on HW; wing fringes tend to be dark.
Flight period: Adults of this skipper are active in early to mid-summer.
Hostplants: Grasses, such as Fescue (Festuca) and oat grass (Danthonia).
Habitat: Grassy areas and fields in forest and chaparral settings.
Distribution: Found in the California coastal ranges and northern Sierra Nevada, north into southern Oregon; rare in Santa Barbara County.

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