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Santa Barbara Field Guides - Butterflies

     Pyrgus ruralis
     Two-banded Checkered-Skipper


Size: wingspread 1-1.25 in.
Recognition: Brown-black above, with numerous white spots, generally in two distinct bands across hindwing; underside lighter, reddish to golden-brown with varied white spots; wing fringes white with conspicuous dark stripes.
Flight period: Adults are active in late spring and early summer.
Hostplants: Larvae feed on a variety of plants in the rose family (Rosaceae), including cinquefoils (Potentilla) and Horkelias.
Habitat: Found in moist semiopen areas, such as streamsides, meadows, and forest edges.
Distribution: Occurs mainly to our north, in the coast ranges and Sierra Nevada north to British Columbia; also in the central Rocky Mountains. Not definitely reported from Santa Barbara County, but may be found in the county's northwestern corner.

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