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Santa Barbara Field Guides Butterflies

     Plebejus icarioides
     Boisduval's Blue

male upperside
male underside
female upperside
female underside

Size: wingspread .75-1.25 in.
Recognition: Male is blue with gray wing edges; female is similar and variable, but usually brownish with blue coloring and orange coloring on HW bottom; both sexes with white wing fringes; undersides are white with black spot pattern.
Flight period: Adults are active from April to June.
Hostplants: A variety of lupines (Lupinus species) are used as hostplants for the larvae, and it has been noted that the hairier leaved plants are favored.
Habitat: This Blue frequents open or brushy areas, such as mountain clearings, and chaparral; sometimes dune habitats.
Distribution: Much of western U.S., including the coasts of San Luis Obispo County down to Santa Barbara County.
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