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Santa Barbara Field Guides Butterflies

     Limenitis lorquini
     Lorquin's Admiral


Size: wingspread 2-2.5 in.
Recognition: Large; upperside is black with orange tips (not patch like the similar California Sister) and broken white band extending down wings; underside is red-brown with white band and markings.
Flight period: They are active from April to October.
Hostplants: Hostplants include Salicaceae trees such as Populus species (quaking aspen and cottonwoods), and Willows (Salix species); also some Rosaceae, like wild cherry (Prunus species) and some orchard trees. Adults like such flowers as California buckeye, yerba santa, privet, and may even be seen on animal feces.
Habitat: Lorquin's Admirals fly in mountain meadows and moist habitats where hostplants are found. Forest groves/edges, mountain valleys, orchards and streamsides are also frequented.
Distribution: Much of western North America, south into Baja California.
Other: The Lorquin's Admiral takes its name from an early French butterfly collector in California, Pierre Lorquin.

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