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Santa Barbara Field Guides Butterflies

     Polygonia satyrus
     Satyr Comma


Size: Wingspread 2-2.5 in.
Recognition: Medium sized; dull orange and brown butterfly; outer edges of both FW and HW with irregular serrated edges; underside dull mottled brown, with white 'comma' in HW; similar Hoary Comma lacks third (posterior) black spot on upperside of HW.
Flight period: Adults active much of the year, with two to three generations per year in our area.
Hostplants: The larva of the Saytr Comma feeds on nettles (Urtica - Urticaceae)
Habitat: This species is found primarily in woodlands and especially along streams.
Distribution: Occurs across much of the western U.S. and Canada, and across southern Canada to the Atlantic.

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