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Santa Barbara Field Guides Butterflies

     Vanessa atalanta
     Red Admiral


Size: wingspread 1.8-2.5 in.
Recognition: Unique; bright orange/ red band cuts diagonally through middle of FW; white spots above band on otherwise dark background; HW dark with thick orange edge (with blue spots at inner corners).
Flight period: Adults can be found all year in southern California, and from March to November in other areas.
Hostplants: Larvae feed mostly on nettle, false nettle, and wood nettle (all Urticaceae).
Habitat: Red Admirals can grace the suburban yard, and are found in a variety of other habitats including open fields, scrubby areas, and foothills.
Distribution: Common and widespread throughout most of North America, but is only a seasonal colonist of areas where it cannot survive winters. Quite common in southern California and is recorded on Santa Cruz Island.
Other: In suburban yards, males will sometimes 'claim' territories, returning to the same area repeatedly for weeks.

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