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Santa Barbara Field Guides Butterflies

     Vanessa virginiensis
     American Lady


Size: wingspread 1.75-2.25 in.
Recognition: FWs are orange and black with white marking on mid-leading edges and small white dot on orange coloring in FW; HW has semi-connected row of dark spots along bottom edge; underside HW has large eyespots on brownish green coloring.
Flight period: Adults fly all year in southern California and April through November elsewhere in their range.
Hostplants: Everlastings and pussytoes (both Asteraceae) are the most common larval foodplants.
Habitat: Variety of habitats which include foothills, open and scrubby areas, lowlands, meadows, fields, roadsides, and suburban settings.
Distribution: Found throughout the U.S., Mexico and southeastern Canada.

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