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  Anthropology Research and Publications
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  • Weathering an Environmental Crisis?
  • Modern Techniques Offer Clues to the Past
  • The Swordfish in Chumash Prehistory
  • Ancient Bones May Rewrite History
  • Archeomollusks from the vicinity of Acapulco


  • The Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island
  • What was the Fate of the Chumash Islanders?
  • Secrets of Chumash Social Life


  • The Natural History of Chile Peppers
  • People of the Sky: Birds in Chumash Culture
  • The Swordfish in Chumash Prehistory



Contributions in Anthropology Series

  • The Chumash and Their Predecessors: An Annotated Bibliography
  • Xonxon'ata in the Tall Oaks: Archaeology and Ethnohistory of a Chumash Village in the Santa Ynez Valley
  • The Punta Arena Site: Early and Middle Holocene Cultural Development on Santa Cruz Island

Material Culture Series

  • Volume I: Food Procurement and Transportation
  • Volume II: Food Preparation and Shelter
  • Volume III: Clothing, Ornamentation, and Grooming
  • Volume IV: Ceremonial Paraphernalia, Games, and Amusements
  • Volume V: Manufacturing Processes, Metrology, and Trade

Additional Publications

  • Chumash Ethnobotany: Plant Knowledge Among the Chumash People of Southern California
  • Treasures from Native California: The Legacy of Russian Exploration
  • California's Chumash Indians
  • The Chumash People: Materials for Teachers and Students
  • Chumash Indian Games



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