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The Material Culture of the Chumash Interaction Sphere, 5 Vols.
By Travis Hudson and Thomas C. Blackburn, 1982-1987

A strong understanding of material culture - that is, tools, containers, clothing, and myriad other kinds of artifacts that people make - is required for a true understanding of any culture as a whole. In this encyclopedic five volume series Travis Hudson and Thomas Blackburn carefully document virtually every type of cultural artifact known to have been made and used by the Chumash and the neighboring peoples with whom they traded both goods and ideas. This series combines information from historic, ethnographic, and archaeological sources to provide a more comprehensive picture of lifeways of the Native Americans populating the Santa Barbara Channel region.

Volume I: Food Procurement and Transportation

Volume I focuses on the procurement of foodstuffs and transportation of both humans and their goods. These topics are presented in chapters pertaining to items used in hunting, fishing, gathering and carrying, and canoes and canoe accessories.


Volume II: Food Preparation and Shelter

Volume II focuses on activities and artifacts in the domestic sphere. These topics are presented in chapters pertaining to items used in storage and processing of foodstuffs, cooking and serving, house construction, fire making, and household furnishings.


Volume III: Clothing, Ornamentation, and Grooming

Volume III focuses on personal appearance. These topics are presented in chapters pertaining to secular or everyday clothing, nonsecular or ritual clothing and accessories, ornaments and jewelry, body art, personal hygiene, and hair care.


Volume IV: Ceremonial Paraphernalia, Games, and Amusements

Volume IV focuses on social ceremony and activities. This topic is presented in chapters pertaining to ritual structures and settings, ritual paraphernalia, medical instruments, weapons, musical instruments, and items used in recreational pursuits including games, sports, toys, and other amusements.


Volume V: Manufacturing Processes, Metrology, and Trade

Volume V focuses on how specific materials were made into artifacts both simple and complex, and how they were distributed among and between cultural groups. These topics are presented in chapters pertaining to processing stone, bone, wood, shell, and hide; making adhesives, paints, and textiles; methods of measurement; and currency and economic exchange.



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