The Thomas Wilson Dibblee, Jr. Geological Foundation is now in high gear under the editorship of John Minch with the help of Senior Graphics Designer Jason Minch. The Dibblee Foundation is utilizing a new style of producing the high quality Dibblee Geological Foundation maps in digital form which is cutting costs while maintaining the quality and increasing the rate of production of the maps.

Already this year the foundation has published five maps covering six quadrangles along the San Andreas Fault. [AVAILABLE NOW] Those maps include DF-83 Burnt Peak, DF-82 Lake Hughes./ Del Sur, DF-79 Juniper Hills, DF-80 Valyermo, and DF-81 Mescal Creek. At the present time we have an additional five maps in the San Gabriel Mountains totally finished and ready to go to the printer. They are DF-84 Condor Peak, DF-85 Chilao Flat, DF-86 Waterman Mountain, DF-87 Crystal Lake, and DF-88 Mount San Antonio. [AVAILABLE in early June] The Black Mountain and Liebre Mountain maps are ready and will be printed in May/June with the third set of five maps which also includes the Glendora, Mount Baldy and San Dimas / Ontario maps[AVAILABLE in late June]. In addition to these maps we have published two additional CDs that include digital forms of the Dibblee maps in the Santa Barbara and Ventura areas. We now have digital coverage available from Gaviota to Hollywood.

The Foundation has eight maps in the Maricopa–Taft–Midway–Mckittrick areas of the San Joaquin Valley nearly completed and plans to print them by late summer. Already in the works, and partially completed, are four maps in the Cajon Pass area [To complete the San Gabriel Mountains.]; three maps in the San Louis Obispo area; and six maps in the area on the south side of Cuyama Valley. The Foundation expects to publish in excess of 25 maps this year and plans to continue to publish comparable [most likely more] numbers of maps each year in addition to producing popular maps on CDs and publishing remote and low interest area maps on CDs.

As you know the Dibblee Geological Foundation is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to publishing the life work of Thomas W. Dibblee, Jr. The Dibblee Geological Foundation has published over one hundred 7.5 minute quadrangles of Mr. Dibblee’s mapping. Mr. Dibblee has about 400 unpublished field sheet (7.5 minute quadrangles and 15 minute quadrangles) waiting for publication.
With plans to publish more than 25 maps this year, and to maintain and increase this yearly level, it is critical that we receive an increased level of funds. Your donations are needed more than ever. You can make a difference and help us make this tremendous resource of maps available to all. Do not let our current level of effort stall due to a lack of resources to produce the maps. We will be happy to make a presentation to your company to outline our plans and to help with requests for funds for this increased rate of publication of the Dibblee maps.

Send your donations to the Dibblee Geological Foundation at Post Office Box 2309, Camarillo, California, 93011. With individual donations of $500 or more and corporate donations of $1000 or more you will be acknowledged on upcoming maps. Please contact John Powell, President, at 805-987-5846 or John Minch, Editor, at 949-367-1000 with requests for information.

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