The Dibblee Geological Foundation was created as a non-profit California
education organization by those who admire the quality and quantity of Tom Dibblee's geologic mapping. The Foundation's mission is straightforward and simple: To help preserve the scientific, technical, educational and economic values of Dibblee's life work through timely publication. The Foundation consists of a group of volunteer directors and a staff of two, dedicated to publishing as many maps as possible.

In June of 2002 the mission of the Dibblee Geological Foundation was adopted by the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum and in response created the Dibblee Geology Center. The initial goal of the Dibblee Geology Center at the Museum is to complete the publication of all of Tom Dibblee’s maps in a timely manner. The Dibblee Geology Center also handles map sales. The new mission of the Dibblee Geological Foundation is to continue to promote the great life works of Tom Dibblee and the art of field geologic mapping and to insure the Museum completes the publication of the Dibblee maps in the appropriate manner.

The Dibblee maps are printed in full color, with an attractive, consistent color scheme, and generally at a uniform scale (1:24,000), using USGS topographic base maps. The maps are available at low cost and contain only observable, understandable and reliable geological information of benefit to the broadest range of users.

Left to right: Karl Hutterer (Museum Executive Director), Harold Syms, Don Clarke, Tom Dibblee(deceased), Peter Weigand(deceased), John Powell, Dick Brown, and John Minch.

Geologic Mapping of California / Founder

Thomas W. Dibblee Jr.


John R. Powell

Vice President(s)

Arthur R.(Dick) Brown

Donald D. Clarke


Harold Syms


John Minch

Sr. Graphic Designer / Webmaster

Jason Minch

e-mail addresses













Ex Officio Directors

Thomas P. Anderson
Tanya M. Atwater
Jim Blakley
Earl E. Brabb
John C. Crowell
Frank Denison
W. Gary Ernst
Richard E. Faggioli
Clarence A. Hall, Jr.

Karl Hutterer
Bill Kennett
Siegfried J. Muessig
Hollis W. Record
Eugene F. Reid
James E. Slosson
Arthur O. Spaulding
Harold Sullwold
William B. Travers

President Pacific Section AAPG
President Pacific Section SEPM
President Coast Geological Society
President South Coast Geological Society
President AEG Southern California Section
President LA Basin Geological Society


The Thomas Wilson Dibblee, Jr. Geological Foundation awards the Dibblee Medal annually to a field geologist who has made outstanding contributions to the science of geology by the quantity and quality of his geological field mapping and published his work for the benefit of others.

The Dibblee Medal is a sterling silver medallion with a likeness of Tom Dibblee on one side and a sketch map of California on the other.

Dibblee Medal Winners

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