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  Cartwright Hall
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Cartwright Hall of Plant and Insect Interactions
The Cartwright Hall focuses on "interactions". Exhibits explore the intricate relationships between plants and insects, fire ecology, our "Mediterranean" climate, and the habitats represented in the Santa Barbara Region: Salt Marsh, Coastal Dunes, Chaparral, Oak Woodlands and Savanna, and the Yellow Pine Forest. A spectacular pine forest/mountain meadow diorama dominates one end of the hall. Cartwright Hall has drawers with children's books and activities in accessible drawers

Invertebrate animals make up 70% of animal life, and this is reflected in the Museum's collections and exhibits. Terrestrial and freshwater invertebrates are exhibited in the Cartwright Hall.                 

Upon entering the Cartwright Hall, the visitor encounters an incredible glass wall of over 4,000 mounted local insects.

Live specimens of arthropods, including tarantulas, millipedes, scorpions, insects, and crustaceans are maintained in the hall and behind the scenes. Some are on exhibit below the habitat dioramas, while others are brought out for special programs.



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