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  Flutter Fact Challenge
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Your Challenge
Butterfly behaviors are usually directed toward finding food, warmth, a mate, or avoiding predators. Go to see Butterflies Alive! at the Museum and see how many butterfly behaviors can you observe in the Butterfly Pavilion.

Butterflies extend their proboscises into a flowers to suck up nectar.

Monarch Butterfly

Butterflies gather at mud puddles for moisture, organic chemicals, and salts.



With wings outstretched, butterflies absorb heat to warm their bodies for flight.

Basking Buckeye

During inclement weather and overnight, butterflies often perch under leaves with their wings closed, head pointed downward, and antennae straight ahead.



Mating pairs will fly for extended periods joined at the end of their abdomens.

Mating Butterflies


During courtship, the males of some species select a perch and then fly out to investigate passing insects, searching for a receptive female.

Perching Swallowtail

Egg Laying

After selecting a host plant, the female curves her abdomen to the underside of a leaf and deposits her eggs.

Butterfly Eggs


Males of some butterfly species patrol suitable habitats, defending this territory and hoping to attract mates.

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