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  Kit #5: Smog Eliminator
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Exhaust from thousands of cars harms more than just the air we breathe. Excessive amounts of carbon dioxide from smog is changing the chemistry of the ocean, making it more acidic. This process, called ocean acidification, endangers animals that make their own shells, such as snails, sea urchins, crabs, and coral. As ocean acidity increases, shells begin to weaken and the animals lose their ability to make new structures.

Check out the feature in the Santa Barbara Independent and the Good Morning America story on ocean acidification.


SOLUTION: Drive Less

  • Share a ride. Ridesharing is easy with Traffic Solution’s online ride matching. Set up a carpool to get your kids to school or find someone with a similar commute pattern at
  • Let someone else drive. Local and commuter buses and trains allow you to relax while traveling and skip the parking hassles. Info on transit is at
  • Practice ‘trip-chaining’. Think about your weekly schedule and then group errands together so you take fewer trips, thus driving less and saving time and money. Also, trip-chaining allows you to reduce emissions, as cars are most polluting when engines are cold during the first few minutes of operation.
  • Get exercise while getting where you need to go. View bike maps for the entire Santa Barbara County, and learn more about walking.
  • Try telecommuting or flex work. Many employers allow telecommuting or working more hours in a shorter week. Get help at

SOURCE: Community Environmental Council

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FUN TIP: Save some "green" while traveling green. Present your signed Carbon Footprint Certificate and enjoy special benefits and discounts through Santa Barbara Car Free!



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