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NOTE: IRZ = In Robot Zoo and IRL = In Real Life

The Robot Zoo - FlyIRL: The house fly walks along ceilings and walls with the help of specially equipped feet. Two claws on each foot hook into tiny pits on the surface, while a sticky, hairy pad on each foot helps keep the fly stuck there.

IRZ: Sensory pads with hooked endings give the robot fly extra grip.

IRL: Flies are so hard to swat because both eyes have about 4,000 six-sided lenses, each that can detect even the slightest movement.

IRZ: Most of the robot’s head is covered by visual receptors, each pointing in a slightly different direction.

IRL: A house fly reacts 12 times faster than you. A fly’s reaction time is about one fiftieth of a second; yours is one fourth.

IRL: Flies vomit on their food. When a house fly feeds, it spits up digestive saliva which it mixes with its meal and then sucks up the mush through its wide, tubular mouth.

Real Animal Facts

  • Length: To .5 in. (1 cm)
  • Weight: Almost nothing
  • Location: Worldwide

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