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The Museum Backyard

-downloadable pdfs guides to outdoor exploration

  Kids' Guides to the Natural World
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Acorn Woodpecker
by Dieter J. Schafer

Guides to the Natural World of Santa Barbara
Exploring our own backyard, neighborhood, and community


Birds of Santa Barbara:  A Guide for Kids and their Grown-ups

      Birding Expedition 1:  Andree Clark Bird Refuge

      Birding Expedition 2:  Arroyo Burro Beach

      Birding Expedition 3:  Lake Los Caneros

      Birding Expedition 4:  Ellwood Mesa

      Birding Expedition 5:  Oak Woodland, SBMNH

A Kid's Guide to Backyard Critters



Sharing the world of nature with children:  resources for teachers, environmental educators, and mentors

How to Raise Wooly Bear Caterpillars

Santa Barbara Bugs

Understanding Bird Language


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