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How do you pronounce the Chumash names?
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The vowels a,e,i,o,u are pronounced the same way as in Spanish. The letter x is like x or j in Spanish, a sort of gutteral kh sound. A special symbol, , refers to a sound midway between the 'i' in 'tick' and the 'u' in 'tuck' (think of the sound you make when you step on something squishy). The apostrophe ' represents what linguists call a glottal stop, like the catch sound your throat makes when you say 'uh-oh.' In most Barbareņo Chumash words, the stress falls on the next-to-last syllable.

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This Tishle' blade is the only surviving example of a Chumash tomol paddle. The paddle was collected during Vancouver's visit to the Santa Barbara area in 1793 and presently resides in the British Museum collection.

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