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Name the Whale

  • Chad the Whale - The Dreier Family

Mandibles (left and right)

  • Lyn and David Anderson


  • True Blue Friends

Flipper (right)

  • In Honor of James Otto
Flipper (left)
  • In Honor of Otis Chandler


  • Hanna Barr
  • Casey Barr

Carpal Bones

  • Leslie and Dennis Power
  • Eric Van de Water
  • Gracie Van de Water
  • Crane School Class of 2014
  • Eliza Foster
  • Hixon Foster
  • Rockwood Foster
  • Nicole and Bryce Kanowsky
  • Ann Dundon and Robert Else
  • Dante Pasqualucci
  • In Memory of Michael Araluce
  • Ann and John Brinker
  • Melissa and Christian Riparetti-Stepien
  • Maria Hutterer
  • Leila Woehrman


  • Gina Reid
  • In honor of Tom Parker
  • Claire Ermoian
  • Anna Ermoian
  • Patricia Sadeghian and Timothy Hogan
  • Delara Dary
  • Martha Clyde
  • Leeza Charleboix and Joe Price
  • Koko Angelina Bakker
  • Blaine and MaryLee Braniff
  • Cavallero Belfiore Family
  • Parker Gumins
  • Austin Gumins
  • Cooper Lender
  • Monica Moreno
  • Elizabeth Garfinkle
  • Clementine Smith
  • Greer Jewett Dent
  • Millicent Carrington Dent
  • Margaret Holeman Dent
  • Magruder Harrison Dent, Jr.
  • Alexandra Weyerhaueser Carr
  • Isabelle Houghton Carr
  • Rosamond Jewett Carr
  • Trey Sobotta
  • Kage Sobotta
  • Jett Sobotta
  • Airyl Sobotta

Cervical Vertebrae

  • Michelle Berman and Shawn Kowalewski
  • Bobbie and John Kinnear
  • Leslie and Robert Zemeckis

Rib Pair

  • Hiroko and Fred Benko

Chevron Bone Pair

  • Caroline and Jeff Grange
  • Joan T. Seaver Kurze
  • Ian and Dylan MacFarlane
  • In Memory of Lelah and Bob Felix
  • Clay Rodgers
  • Benjamin Rodgers
  • Caroline Robillard and Roger Freedman
  • Diane and Mike Wondolowski
  • Lisa and Jim Hammock
  • Finley Jacobs
  • Tim Woehrman

Whale Tail

  • Scott Nehwall



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