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  Biodiversity & You
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Butterflies are not only beautiful to watch, they are indicators of biodiversity and the health of the ecosystem. Habitat loss and destruction, pesticides, climate change, and human activities infringe on the environments of all species – including humans.

“Insects can be very sensitive to minor changes in their environments. Because butterflies are the most visible of insects, they make excellent monitors of ecosystem health."

Michael Caterino, Ph.D., Curator of Entomology
Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History

“Human beings and the natural world are linked very closely. If the natural world goes to pot, sooner or later we will go to pot.”

Martin Warren, Chief Executive of Butterfly Conservation

“Earth is undergoing a major anthropogenic biodiversity crisis. We are inadvertently causing beneficial species to go extinct daily and killing untold numbers of them by destroying their habitats.”

Edd Barrows, Biology Professor and Director of the Center for the Environment



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