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The monthly Star Party is an event hosted by the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History and the Santa Barbara Astronomical Unit in which we provide telescopes for the public to view objects in the night time sky, as well as providing astronomy and astrophysics information to the general public.

At this month’s Star Party, you will be able to see the following: Visible will be the “Summer Triangle”, which is an imaginary triangle drawn between the stars Altair (in the constellation Aquila), Deneb (in the constellation Cygnus), and Vega (in the constellation Lyra).

Also visible will be a myriad of Messier objects, including M31 (The Andromeda Galaxy), M33 (The Triangulum Galaxy), along with some binary star systems, and countless other objects visible in the night time sky
So for additional information about the objects above and more, please come out to our Star Party and ask our astronomers! We look forward to seeing you!  


* Next Star Parties

Saturday, January 9
Saturday, February 13
Saturday, March 12
Saturday, April 9

From dusk to 10:00 PM

Star Party Admission: FREE for all


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