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The Artist's Table

Featured artists for The Artist's Table event on September 27, 2019.

Goleta Slough by Ralph Waterhouse, 8x16 inches

Campus Point by Derek Harrison, 12x6 inches

Moonrise from Summerland by Thomas Van Stein, 10x14 inches

Untitled by Ray Hunter, 11x14 inches

Tall Cousins by Steve Curry, 9.5x20.5 inches

Cherry Spot by John Cosby, 12x16 inches

Beachside by Craig Nelson, 9x9 inches

Batiquitos Lagoon in the Afternoon by Peter Adams, 6x8 inches

Santa Barbara Harbor by Jordan Pope, 12x18 inches

Clouds Over Carpinteria by Jannene Behl, 9x12 inches

Standing Tall by Rick Garcia, 16x8 inches