Commitment to Responsible Investing

The Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History is a leading institution on the central coast dedicated to documenting and promoting understanding and careful stewardship of our region’s biodiversity. We actively work with other organizations in support of the preservation of this beautiful and fragile place.

A central focus of our mission and of our strategic plan is to constantly strive for greater environmental sustainability in all areas of our operations.

The invested funds that are managed by the Museum represent the community’s commitment to the long-term health of the Museum and the importance of its mission.

On June 28, 2022, the Museum’s Board of Trustees, working through the Board’s Investment Committee, approved our investment managers to utilize Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) metrics to ensure that the portfolio reflects investment in companies that are best in class and that themselves practice sustainable and environmentally friendly business practices.

We believe investing in companies that manage themselves well, and that do their utmost to minimize their impacts on the environment are an important extension of our mission and the impact for good that the Museum can have for our environment and for our human well‐being.