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Monograph of the Little Slit-Shells

The monograph treats all taxa ever described as scissurellids, Recent and fossil. All original illustrations are reproduced, comprehensive chresonymies are provided, multiple specimens per species are illustrated (usually in four views each by scanning electron micrographs); radula, external anatomy, and distribution maps are provided.

This landmark publication is the first world-wide monograph of any micromolluscan group (smaller than 5 mm), since the invention of the scanning electron microscope. Several new species are described. It is an indispensable reference for marine biodiversity professionals, such as museum curators and collection managers, marine ecologists, micropaleontologists, and advanced shell collectors. Libraries at marine field stations and in organismal biology departments will find these volumes a high quality addition to their holdings.


Carole S. Hickman, University of California, Berkeley

"I think you are setting a new standard for taxonomic monographs!"