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Magic Window

In this video series, take a look behind the scenes at the Museum and Sea Center, starting with our beloved recurring exhibit Butterflies Alive! Look through the Magic Window on whatever social media platform you prefer—YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter—or watch all the episodes here.

Episode 8 Butterfly Magic Window which we answer more questions about how butterflies and moths look, smell, and even taste! Plus, butterfly careers and passion of the people who pursue them. Our butterfly season ended September 20; the exhibit reopens summer 2021. Until then, enjoy looking back on butterflies with us here.

Episode 7 Butterfly Magic Window which we answer the question on everyone's mind: where do butterflies come from?

Episode 6 Butterfly Magic Window which the dangers of being a butterfly are graphically depicted.

Episode 5 Butterfly Magic Window which we take a closer look at emergence and finally release some butterflies into our pavilion.

Episode 4 Butterfly Magic Window which scaly wings and butterfly poop are featured and we have a special guest.

Episode 3 Butterfly Magic Window which a glue gun is handy.

Episode 2 Butterfly Magic Window which chrysalises are unboxed.

Episode 1 Butterfly Magic Window

We’re sharing the work behind the scenes that goes into our Butterfly Pavilion…and the work that goes into becoming a butterfly. Ask us your butterfly questions! Visit for current details on visiting the pavilion.