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The Kingdom of California: Mapping the Pacific Coast in the Age of Exploration

These original maps on display represent early attempts to explore and map the Pacific coast.

Granata Novova et California 1602 book

Maris Pacifica Ortelius 1603

Henry Briggs The North part of America 1625

Pieter Goos - Paskaerte van Nova Granada 1666

J. R. Prevost male & female Partridge of California 1797

Marpacifico 1797 on loan from the Mission Santa Barbara Archives

Voyage of the Venus Thouars - Californian Bobcat 1836

Voyage of the Venus Thouars - Skunk 1836

Voyage of the Venus Thouars - Raccoon 1836

Voyage of the Venus Thouars - red-bellied or Mexican grey squirrels 1836

U. S. Coast Survey Santa Barbara 1853

U. S. Coast Survey Anacapa Island 1856