The Museum's outdoor spaces are open to the public. We have different activities each day, so check our calendar to plan your visit. Indoor spaces are temporarily closed. The Sea Center on Stearns Wharf's outdoor spaces are open on Saturdays and Sundays from noon–4:00 PM.

Broder Building

Location: Museum

Description: Broder is a Spanish-style building that allows for multiple options for your event. Meetings, retreats, birthday parties, informal and formal receptions, lunches, BBQs, dinners for private, corporate, or wedding events.

Ambiance: Beautiful site located along Mission Creek. Terrace area has a combination of asphalt and wood chip surfaces. Can be used as a wine and cheese reception area, meeting space, or event prep work area. Adjacent to Sukinanik’oy Garden and Coggeshall Bowl.


  • Outside standing: 150
  • Outside sit down seating: 60
  • Inside theatre style: 45
  • Inside sit down seating: 30
  • Additional space available with rental combination

Facilities: Kitchenette with residential-size refrigerator/freezer, restroom, electrical outlets inside and outside.

Internet Access: Yes

Parking: Up to 150 cars on site. Additional parking can be rented from nearby organizations.


  • No smoking, balloons, confetti, or open flames.
  • No floating candle centerpieces.
  • No amplification of sound allowed outdoors including microphones, stereos, or amplifiers.
  • Available 10:00 AM-6:30 PM.

Other Services:

  • Catering counseling


  • Broder Building and Patio: $700
  • Wooded Area, Broder Building and Patio: $1,000
  • Wooded Area, Broder Building and Patio, Fleischmann Auditorium: $5,750

Our Event Manager, Meridith Moore, is available to answer any questions and schedule on-site visit and consultation. Contact her at 805-682-4711 ext 112, or email at