The Museum is open Wed–Mon, 10:00 AM–5:00 PM. Masks required indoors. The Sea Center is closed for renovations through spring 2022.

Broder Building

Location: Museum

Description: Broder is a Spanish-style building that allows for multiple options for your event. Meetings, retreats, birthday parties, informal and formal receptions, lunches, BBQs, dinners for private, corporate, or wedding events.

Ambiance: Beautiful site located along Mission Creek. Terrace area has a combination of asphalt and wood chip surfaces. Can be used as a wine and cheese reception area, meeting space, or event prep work area. Adjacent to Sukinanik’oy Garden and Coggeshall Bowl.


  • Outside standing: 150
  • Outside sit down seating: 60
  • Inside theatre style: 45
  • Inside sit down seating: 30
  • Additional space available with rental combination

Facilities: Kitchenette with residential-size refrigerator/freezer, restroom, electrical outlets inside and outside.

Internet Access: Yes

Parking: Up to 150 cars on site. Additional parking can be rented from nearby organizations.


  • No smoking, balloons, confetti, or open flames.
  • No floating candle centerpieces.
  • No amplification of sound allowed outdoors including microphones, stereos, or amplifiers.
  • Available 10:00 AM-6:30 PM.

Other Services:

  • Catering counseling


  • Broder Building and Patio: $700
  • Wooded Area, Broder Building and Patio: $1,000
  • Wooded Area, Broder Building and Patio, Fleischmann Auditorium: $5,750

Please contact Caroline Baker Director of Development at