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Lucie Gimmel

Scientific Imaging Specialist

Lucie Gimmel at work photo by Daniel Geiger

Photo by Daniel Geiger

Lucie Gimmel began work at SBMNH in 2017, specializing in macro photography. Gimmel graduated from the Forestry School in Hranice in the Czech Republic and studied natural history with an emphasis on education at the Palacky University in Olomouc, Czech Republic. She has vast experience working in various natural history collections, including botanical, molluscan, and entomological collections. Her biggest passion is capturing natural history specimens using various imaging techniques to show people the beauty of patterns, colors, and textures hidden in everyday natural objects. View a selection of her work here.

Cuckoo Wasp image by Lucie Gimmel

Cuckoo wasp (Chrysura sp.)

Imaging Techniques

  • Macro photography: Canon EOS 7D DSLR using Z-stacking, Zeiss SteREO Discovery.V20 motorized stereo microscope
  • Scanning electron microscopy: Zeiss EVO 40
  • Light microscopy
  • Line drawings

Work Displayed

  • Macro photographs of various invertebrates for long term exhibit in renovated Santa Barbara Gallery. 2018. Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History.
  • Macro photographs of local insects for “Bugs...Outside the Box” Summer Exhibit. 2017. Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, Fleischmann Auditorium.
  • Z-stack photographs of local insects displayed at Annual Mission Creek Gala, Bugclub. 2017. Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History.

bark beetle exhibit

One example of Gimmel’s work integrated into exhibits in Santa Barbara Gallery

Selected Publications with Lucie Gimmel’s Work


Mason, Dave. “A bug’s life.” Santa Barbara News Press. 21 May 2017.


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