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Xonxon'ata in the Tall Oaks: Archaeology and Ethnohistory of a Chumash Village in the Santa Ynez Valley

The village of Xonxon'ata has long been referred to in ethnographic and historic mission records as an important site for the Chumash Indians. For many decades the location of this village remained a mystery, with accounts of the location varying from mentions of Zaca Station and La Rancheria to simple descriptions encompassed in the place name, "in the tall oaks." A breakthrough seemingly came when a proposal was made to build a new interchange at the northern junction of Highways 101 and 154. In preparation for this new construction archaeological investigations were carried out and revealed the presence of an extensive habitation site. This volume seeks to provide evidence linking the ethnohistoric accounts of the village of Xonxon'ata with the habitation site at SBA-3404 through analysis of the archaeological assemblage recovered during excavation.

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