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Mortar sites

I am working in Santa Barbara and hike after work. Are there any public mortar sites or food processing sites? I have seen some in San roque, San Antonio creek parks. Are there more we can view? Around town? Thanks. 

Joshua, Santa Barbara - March 2, 2021

Curator Response

Hi Joshua,

It sounds like you've already visited the known bedrock mortars on public land, near the beginning of the San Roque Trail. The others of which I'm aware are on private property. The most famous site locally with bedrock mortars is on the Kinevan Ranch, where one needs permission to visit. Farther afield, there is a site on a large boulder that I could recommend immediately beneath Gibraltar Dam (on the north side of the river) upstream from Red Rock.

Stay curious,

Curator of Anthropology John R. Johnson, Ph.D.

Joshua response:

Awesome. I want to check them out. With permission of course. 

Joshua response:

Thanks. My main focus has been around Cuddy valley where I live. Lindbergh, nojoqui are my next stops. I was at tejaj and left the owner my number to see if I can visit.  I have probably been to less than 100 sites. I will visit the museum when it opens. 

Curator response:

You're welcome, Joshua, thank you for asking. And thanks for planning to visit; we are actually open again now, although reservations are required. You can make them through this website by clicking on the ticket button at upper right.