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Bush with leaves that have a unusual light hue

I was fortunate to finally pass this bush while it was in bloom. For several years I have passed it and always admired the color of the leaves which are a light combination of gray, blue, and green wrapped into a color that practically glows against the landscape on the Los Robles Trail in Newbury Park, Ca. I was wondering if any one could identify it? It is at least 1.5 miles away from the nearest house.

Kind regards,


Newbury Park, Ca

Hans, Newbury Park, Ca - June 25, 2022

Curator Response

Hi Hans,

I think this is Ericameria nauseosa variety hololeuca, White Rabbitbrush.

Ericameria nauseosa was formerly known as Chrysothamnus nauseosus. Searching online plant databases, I was able to find this plant under the new name. You might be interested in checking out those databases yourself as you solve other plant mysteries: CalFlora, CalScape, and CalPhotos (which extends beyond plants) are all excellent resources.

Stay curious,

Ethnobotanist and Curator Emeritus of Ethnology Jan Timbrook, Ph.D.