Research Archives

The Anthropology Department has extensive archival holdings to complement our artifact collections. The majority of our archival material pertains to the Chumash, who lived in our area, although we also curate large collections of field notes, photographs, and sound recordings with a broader focus on California and surrounding regions.

Archaeological Archives

The archaeological archives primarily consist of the following field note, journal, and photograph collections:

David Banks Rogers and Phil C. Orr, Curators
Archaeological field notes and photographs that provide context for the extensive artifact collection held in the Anthropology Department.

Stephen Bowers, Early Archaeologist and Collector
Journals documenting the Chumash archaeological material collected by Bowers. These journals also include the earliest known documentation of Chumash rock art.

Travis Hudson, Curator; Robert Heizer and Thomas Blackburn, Researchers/Collaborators
Documentation on the California Indian artifacts held in European museums.

Campbell Grant, Georgia Lee, John Cawley, and Rock Art Researchers
Drawings, photographs, and site records for California rock art sites, with a primary focus on the Chumash region.

Ethnographic Archives

The ethnographic archives primarily consist of the following field note, photograph, and correspondence collections:

John Peabody Harrington, Linguist and Ethnographer
Field notes, photographs, and correspondence, especially relating to California and Great Basin groups; and documentation of Harrington’s life before and after his career with the Bureau of American Ethnology.

Linguistic Archives

The linguistic archives primarily consist of the following field notes, sound recordings, manuscripts, and lexical files:

John Peabody Harrington
Field notes and copies of sound recordings from California and Great Basin groups.

Madison Beeler and Richard Applegate, University of California, Berkeley
California Indian linguistic manuscripts and Chumash lexical files.