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Space Sciences

Ended March 31

Come and take in the invisible worlds of the electromagnetic spectrum, the infrared rainbow within you (and thermal “tattoos” available for those who dare!), and brush up on your meteor lore. Watch gravity bend space-time with our coin-operated gravity well, and check out the local stellar neighborhood in our 3-D Stellarium star map.

We’ve added new content and conversations and with safety in mind, transformed the exhibit into a touch-free experience. You’ll be able to get up to speed on your current space science with streaming NASA videos showing Earth from space, and some really interesting new videos focused on current missions working on planetary science, close to home and far, far away.

Planning a visit to our Space Sciences exhibit or Gladwin Planetarium? Starting April 1, these areas will be temporarily closed due to construction. But astronomy will still be going strong at the Museum! Join us at Palmer Observatory for solar viewing and other dynamic demonstrations on weekdays, 2:00–4:00 PM. Explore our calendar for free Star Parties and astronomy talks every month, and check out our Astronomy Programs page for more news and educational resources. Thank you for your patience while we repair our aging infrastructure.