The Museum is open Wed–Sun, 10:00 AM–5:00 PM. Masks required indoors. The Sea Center is closed for renovations through spring 2022.

Annual Mission Creek Gala

The 2021 Gala is postponed to 2022. For more information contact Caroline at 805-682-4711 ext. 109 or

Save the date of April 30, 2022 for the 2022 Mission Creek Gala at the Sea Center!

Pollinators was a huge success for the Museum! The event raised $445,000 to support our important nature and science education programs for the schoolchildren in our tri-county area. These resources will be used to fund hands-on learning opportunities that provide an understanding and appreciation of the natural world thereby fostering the next generation of ecologists, policy makers, and informed citizens. For many, the Museum is their first introduction to the wonders of nature, and the remarkable region in which we live. This sets the stage for a life-long interest in both science and the natural world.

2020 Gala Committee

  • Elisabeth Fowler, Co-chair
  • Susan Parker, Co-chair
  • Stacey Byers
  • Jenna Savage Davis
  • Sheri Eckmann
  • Venesa Faciane
  • Caroline Grange
  • Heather Hambleton
  • Pippa Hames-Knowlton
  • Tamara Jensen
  • Emily Jones
  • Bobbie Kinnear
  • Kali Kopley
  • Tracy Krainer
  • Meridith Moore
  • Robyn Parker
  • Pam Valeski
  • Luke J. Swetland, President & CEO

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Museum Gala fundraiser

Museum Gala Fundraiser

2018 Gala Video, "One Curious Child at a Time"